Ski Schools in the Winter Haven Area

Whether it is slalom, wakeboarding, show skiing or barefooting, it is all in our back yard

Keith St.Onge along with David Small have teamed up to bring you the World Barefoot Center, where you can take competition barefoot skiing to the the next level. Along with coach Swampy, they are three of the most popular coaches on the planet with a solid reputation and proven results. Check out their school on Lake Rochelle.    World Barefoot Center

Ski with Lucky Lowe: A World, Masters, and National Champion! Improve your skiing with Lucky at his private training site in Central Florida. He concentrates on teaching techniques that can be used long after you have left so that you can continue to improve on your own.     Lucky Lowe

Wakeboard with Dave Briscoe: If you a looking to get schooled by one of the best coaches around you can find Briscoe in Florida from September through April.     Dave Briscoe

Whether you slalom, trick, jump, barefoot, wakeboard or have never tried any of the above, the Swiss School can help. Their coaching program is catered to the individual. This means that your coach will instruct you according to your level every time you go out.    Swiss Ski School